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The Premium Range Amerex wet chemical fire extinguisher (Model 260) is the best cooking oil fire extinguisher that you can purchase. Tested and certified to both BS EN3 BS 7937, this extinguisher gives you maximum protection, especially for Class F fires.

The fine spray gives almost immediate flame extinguishing whilst the wet chemical agent reacts with the oil to form a soap-like film to seal the surface of the oil and cool it down.

Manufactured with a stainless steel body, fitted with heavy duty chrome plated brass valves and stainless steel handles.

Types of Fire Extinguisher - Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Amerex Premium Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher Suitable for Class A & Class F fires 

- Kitemarked and BAFE approved to BS EN3 and BS7937

 - Model 260 has passed the 35KV electrical conductivity test specified in BS EN3 

 - Amerex 10 year warranty


 This extinguisher is for use on Class A and Class F fires.

Suitable for use on Class A fires  Suitable for use on Class F fires

Model numberCapacity (KG)Fire RatingMedia
260613A, 75F
Wet Chemical Fine Mist


WET CHEMICAL fire extinguishers are the best restaurant kitchen appliance hand portable fire extinguishers you can purchase. Each model has been tested and approved for the Class F listing by UL specifically for restaurant kitchen hazards.

They contain a special potassium acetate-based agent. The recent trend to more efficient cooking appliances and use of vegetable-based cooking oils dictates the use of a hand portable fire extinguisher with greater fire-fighting capacity and cooling effect to combat these very hot and difficult fires.

With attractive stainless steel cylinders and easy to use hose and spray application nozzle, the superior fire-fighting capability of the Wet Chemical agent is placed exactly where you aim it with no dry chemical residue to clean up.

They are the ideal “KITCHEN USE” fire extinguishers. They supplement existing cooking equipment automatic system protection for an extra margin of safety.

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You can also visit the gov.uk website for an overview of Fire safety in the workplace and your responsibilities.

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