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Engineer Carrying Out Fire Extinguisher Servicing

We carry out fire extinguisher servicing, installation and maintenance, primarily across South Wales, Mid Wales and the west of England, including the major cities of Cardiff, Bristol, Swansea, Newport, Hereford & Gloucester. 

For immediate help and professional advice, or for further information on any aspects of fire protection for your business or organisation, please do contact us.

Do Fire Extinguishers and other Fire Equipment need to be serviced?

If you are a business or an employer then generally the answer is yes. Fire extinguisher servicing and inspection are needed to ensure that the fire equipment will work in the event of a fire at your premises, or wherever they are intended to be used.There are many circumstances and organisations to whom fire legislation applies. The main fire legislation in England & Wales is currently in the form of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. If you think you need professional advice please contact us for assistance. 

Having the correct fire equipment is critically important.

Why is fire extinguisher servicing, and other fire equipment servicing, important and why do they need to be serviced?

You need to ensure your fire extinguishers and other fire equipment are regularly inspected and serviced so that they remain ready to use as intended. Fire extinguisher servicing, inspection and maintenance should be carried out at regular intervals. If you are not sure how often your fire equipment needs to inspected or serviced, then it's best to seek advice from a professional, preferably one registered with BAFE, who has been assessed as being competent to carry out your fire extinguisher servicing.

Equipment can easily become damaged, too old to rely on, be moved to an incorrect place or even stolen.

It may also have been used for its intended purpose and needs to be refilled, for example, or it may have been fired off by mistake or maliciously.

There are many reasons why fire equipment needs to be inspected and serviced regularly.

What we can do for your business or organisation:

Blackwood Fire will inspect and maintain your fire equipment & carry out your fire extinguisher servicing to help make sure your fire protection equipment is ready to be used, if needed.  

We carry out inspection, maintenance and servicing of many types of fire equipment. Fire Technician Carrying Out Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Below is a summary of the main types of fire equipment servicing, inspections and maintenance that we can carry out for you:

  • Fire Extinguisher Servicing;
  • Fire blankets inpections;
  • Fire hose reels inspections and servicing;
  • Emergency exit signage and fire signs;
  • Fire extinguisher cabinets & fire extinguisher stands;
  • Fire buckets, fire escape ladders and many other products.

We can check for correct positioning and quantities of fire equipment, correct fire signage, and much more. We can service your fire equipment whether or not it was provided by us.   

How we keep track of when your fire extinguisher servicing, and other fire protection equipment servicing, needs to be done

We maintain a detailed customer database that contains all of the information to enable us to:

  • Record and track when your fire extinguisher servicing needs to be done, and when any other fire protection equipment needs to be serviced;
  • Details of the fire protection equipment at your premises, including for any customers who may have multiple site locations. 

New Fire Protection Equipment

We also provide new fire equipment including:

All site surveys and quotations are FREE of charge and carry no obligation.

No matter how big or small your requirements, we are confident we will be able to assist you and provide you with everything you need to ensure you comply with fire regulations.

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