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Fire Buckets - fill with sand to help deal with oil & fuel spillages

Garage and Fire Buckets

Our fire buckets are coloured red and come in both metal and plastic and with or without lids.

All buckets are clearly marked with a 'FIRE' label.

They are generally filled with sand or water dependent upon their intended use.

They can be used in many situations but are typically used on premises such as garage forecourts where they are filled with sand and where water would not be a suitable medium to deal with oil & fuel spillages and are used to absorb any such spillage. 

Oil fires are generally resistant to water but small fires can be put out quickly and effectively by using the sand in the bucket to starve the fire of oxygen by dumping it directly onto the fire.

The sand in a fire bucket can also be used to absorb small spills of flammable liquids and oils by reducing the risk of ignition and explosion. 

Sand-filled fire buckets can also be useful if kept near places such as BBQs.

Fire Buckets  for Garages, Vehicles and Fuels


Metal fire bucket with lid



We are happy to advise on whether a fire bucket is appropriate for your premises. 


 Please contact us for more information and assistance.



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