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Purple K Extinguisher - with Key Points

This 9kg Purple K Fire Extinguisher (Model 415) is from our Amerex Premium Range of fire extinguishers. This extinguisher contains the high specification Purple K powder for use in situations where high fire fighting capability is required.

This model is made from high strength steel cylinders with a red epoxy polyester paint finish and is supplied with heavy duty chrome plated brass valves and stainless steel handles.

This premium, high quality Purple K extinguisher is perfect for use where high performance is required such as in gas, chemical & oil related industries and environments. 

Purple K Fire Extinguisher Specifications:

- Kitemarked and BAFE approved to BS EN3
- Approved for use on shipping under SOLAS and IMO regulations
- Certified under the European Marine Directive
- Amerex 10 year warranty

These extinguishers are for use on Class B & Class C fires.

 Suitable for Class B fires  Suitable for Class C fires

Model numberCapacity (KG)Fire RatingMedia
4159233BPurple K Powder

What is Purple K and what is it used for?

Purple K powder is a dry chemical fire suppression agent and its main component is potassium bicarbonate.

It is commonly used in fighting fires that involve flammable liquids (Class B fires) and is much more effective than carbon dioxide (CO2) for those types of fire.

Purple K, including in a Purple K Fire Extinguisher, works by chemically interfering with the combustion that allows a fire to start, i.e., it stops heat, fuel and oxygen from reacting together to make a fire.

It works best on Class B & Class C fires, however, it is NOT recommended for use in confined areas and also, whilst normally non-toxic, it can cause alkalosis if large amounts are ingested. 

Purple K is most commonly used where large amounts of flammable liquids are handled, typically around oil refineries, airports, military establishments and power stations.

For advice on Purple K Fire Extinguishers or other types of fire extinguishers, or if you would like to arrange a FREE SURVEY & QUOTE for your premises, contact us and we'll be pleased to offer you our help.

We can also inspect and maintain your existing or new fire equipment & carry out your fire extinguisher servicing.

You can also visit the gov.uk website for an overview of Fire safety in the workplace and your responsibilities.

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