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Automatic Fire Suppression Systems Including Restaurant & Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

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Kitchen fire suppression system

We design, install and service automatic kitchen fire suppression systems.

In today’s complex workplace environments, the risk of fire seems to be increasing and equipment is now expected to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It, therefore, requires constant monitoring. Following discussions with you, we can design and install a system that meets your exact requirements and arrange its installation with minimum disruption to your operations.

We design and install bespoke fire suppression systems for restaurants, hotels, schools, universities and workplace & public kitchens, as well as in industrial, commercial and other types of premises.

Ongoing servicing and maintenance of your fire suppression system is also essential to ensure it is maintained to the required standard and we can provide the necessary servicing for you.

If you have a fire suppression system that was not installed by us, that’s no problem. Contact us now and we will be pleased to provide you with a FREE, NO OBLIGATION quote to service and maintain your current system.

Examples of the fire suppression systems we can install include:

See below for more detailed descriptions of these systems.

Kitchen fire suppression systems are also sometimes referred to as Kitchen Cooker Hood Suppression Systems.

Blackwood Fire are proud to be an authorised agent for Tyco Ansul R-102™ Fire Suppression Systems.

Our technicians are fully trained and available 24 hours a day 365 days a year in an emergency.

Our services, including the design, installation and servicing of automatic fire suppression systems, are provided across Wales and England, including the major cities of Cardiff, London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Swansea, Newport and more.

All site surveys and quotes are FREE and without obligation. Contact us now for further information no matter how big or small or your requirements.

Ansul R-102™ Fire Suppression Systems

Ansul R-102 Fire Suppression SystemsAnsul R-102 Fire Suppression SystemsAnsul - Pull in case of fire

Ansul R-102™ Fire Suppression Systems are manufactured by Tyco and can be installed by Blackwood Fire Ltd, who are an authorised distributor.

Today’s high-temperature, high-efficiency cooking appliances, plus the use of hotter burning vegetable oils, poses a greater fire suppression challenge than in the past.

ANSUL® R-102 Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems meet the challenge and are the top choice of food service kitchens worldwide.

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Download Ansul R-102™ Fire Suppression Systems PDF.

Firetrace® Fire Suppression System

The Firetrace System is manufactured by Firetrace Ltd, and installed throughout Wales and the West Country by Blackwood Fire Ltd, who are their authorised distributor.

The principle is a simple self-activating system that offers the widest versatility and is absolutely safe against malfunction, which results in the best cost-performance ratio. It does not rely on any complex electronics or any moving parts. Firetrace is the only system of its kind in the industry today.

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Amerex KP Kitchen Fire Suppression System

The system is listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc., (UL) and tested to Standard UL 300. And also approved by LPCB (LPS1223).The Amerex KP Restaurant System is a pre-engineered, wet chemical, stored-pressure type with a fixed nozzle agent distribution network.

The system agent is Amerex KP liquid fire suppressant, a potassium acetate based solution that suppresses cooking grease fires through both saponification and cooling. The agent has a pH of 9 or less and does not harm stainless steel surfaces.

In either automatic or manual actuation the system works in this manner: No links lines, no cables, no corners pulleys.

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