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Despite the impact of COVID-19, we continue to provide you with vital fire safety products and services within our usual catchment areas of South Wales, Mid Wales, West Wales, East Wales and the South West and other areas of England - including the major centres of Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and Bristol, These are:

  • Fire Extinguisher Servicing & Maintenance
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems Servicing & Maintenance
  • Fire Extinguisher Sales & Related Fire Protection Product Sales - includes our usual geographic areas (stated above), but we can offer delivery UK wide. To purchase, please contact us and we can take your order over the phone. Payment will be taken over the phone at the time of order.

Businesses and Employers - Fire Safety During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Do Fire Extinguishers and Related Fire Equipment, Including Fire Suppression Systems, Still Need To Be Serviced And Maintained During The Covid-19 Outbreak. 

It’s obviously a very strange and difficult time for everyone and also, sometimes, very confusing. 

A balance needs to be found between following Government advice in relation to Covid-19 whilst at the same time trying to comply with Fire Safety requirements and other Health & Safety requirements. 

Unfortunately, Health & Safety requirements have not been given any  exemptions and Health & Safety requirements still apply in the workplace, and in many instances will still apply whether or not your business is currently open for business. 

Signage to Help Employers, Businesses and other Organisations manage Covid-19 risks

COVID-19 signage

Managing the risks of the Covid-19 coronavirus virus in the workplace, and in areas where people are likely to come into close contact, are now an essential health & safety risk assessment consideration for employers and business owners and managers.

In conjunction with one of our suppliers, Everlux, we are able to provide you with safety signage that aims to assist you in managing behaviour for the purposes of the prevention and reduction of exposure to the risk posed by the Covid-19 coronavirus. For more information, go to our page containing more details here.

Business insurance

We suggest you talk to your insurers or insurance advisers and confirm with them exactly what it is they expect from you in relation to you complying with the terms and conditions of your insurance. 

The situation the majority of businesses and employers find themselves in is already because of the Covid-19 coronavirus, in itself, a major and potentially catastrophic event. If you were also to be left uninsured because the terms and conditions haven’t been adhered to, it could give rise to a situation from which you cannot recover which, hopefully, isn’t currently the case. 


We understand things are difficult at the moment and that difficult choices have to be made. We are a business/employer just like you. We will never try to pressure you to have your fire equipment serviced or get a fire risk assessment or review done, etc. You must be allowed to make that choice but please consider any effects or unintended consequences that may have. The safety of people is the most important thing of all but you also need to consider the risks to your building (occupied or unoccupied) and to stock that may be stored there, etc. 

Although not a fire safety issue, you may want to consider confirming with your insurers the situation regarding a premises that is unlikely to be occupied for a lengthy period of time. 

Signing For Acceptance Of Work Carried Out For You And Signing For And Receiving Items That We May Deliver To You During The Covid-19 Crisis.

The most important thing that everyone needs to observe, whilst any work and/or deliveries are carried out during the ,Covid-19 coronavirus is social distancing. 

We have asked our engineers to ensure that they are given a minimum of two metres distance from any and all individuals on the client’s premises. This is to protect not only our staff, it is also to protect you and yours and is the advice given by the UK Government. 

If our staff are not able to be given assurances on the minimum required two metres, we will not be able to carry out any work on the premises, including installing or delivering any fire equipment.
If staff feel the 2 metre rule cannot be observed they have been instructed to leave the premises immediately. 

Our staff also need to be given access to toilet facilities and the facilities that enable them to wash their hands as advised through official channels. During the Covid-19 coronavirus  situation could you please ensure that they are notified of where these facilities can be found and how can access them while adhering to the minimum 2 metre distancing rule. 

In order to protect both our people and customers as much as possible during the Covid-19 coronavirus, we will not be asking customers to sign any documentation during the outbreak. Our staff will instead log the name of the person accepting the item or the work carried out. Staff will be asked to keep a respectful distance and will explain what work has been done before noting the agreement of the person authorising the work or agreeing delivery of the item. 

Where we need to deliver an item to you that is not to be installed by us, we will place your item at a respectful distance from the person or persons taking delivery of it. Our staff will then step aside to a safe distance while you retrieve your item. This will ensure your item is delivered securely rather than being left outside. 

A copy of your paperwork will be provided to you at a later date, either by post or by email. 

If you have any questions that you like answered please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will continue to follow Government advice on the current situation to ensure the safest possible procedures are followed for both our customers and our staff. 

If you any questions at all please ask. We are here to help.

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